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Delivered Cover Illustrations

Here are some illustrations that have been delivered to authors for their use.  When available, I’m including a link to the author’s own page for more information.
Cover for “Scatter the Winds”
Cover for “Scatter the Winds”

Eric Michael Craig, Scatter the Winds

Yeah, you might notice the same last name; this is my brother who’s been publishing science fiction novels for a few years now.  I have some more projects in the works with him.

The very talented Ducky Smith did the text design and layout.

Check Eric’s work out here:

Roy L. Tyndall

Roy’s been working on this book/universe for quite some time. He hasn’t published, yet, and doesn’t have a website up, but when he does, I’ll update this post with links.

I can’t wait for the book to be finished; the early drafts I read were quite good!

I will post completed works in this gallery as they become available from the author.  I’ll add links as they’re provided.