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Electronic Cinematography, Visual Effects & Animation, Editing, Music Composition

Joe Invincible Test FX • Background Plate, Digital Figure Animation, Debris Construction and Animation, Compositing Promo • Editing, Motion Graphics

Killing My Lobster Arbor Day • Photography, Lighting, Editing, Score

Killing My Lobster The Cool God • Photography, Lighting, Editing, FX, Score

Judicial Council of California Conducting Conservatee Interviews • Photography

Stanford Blood Services The Blood Count • Photography, Editing, FX, Music Editing

Theatre First Stop Kiss Promo • Photography, Editing, Score

Slow-Mo Homo • Photography, Editing, Score

Judicial Council of California AOC-TV ID • Motion Graphics

Judicial Council of California California Courts News Open • Motion Graphics

Bimble Bear test animations • Character Design, Animation, Edit, Score

San Francisco Noir • Character Design, Animation, Edit, Score

Alone • Character Design, Environment Design, Animation, FX, Edit, Score

Inspector Hieronymus • Photography, Lighting, FX, Edit, Score

Deal with the Dragon Promo • Photography, Lighting, Motion Graphics, Edit, Score

Center for Judicial Education and Research History • Illustration, Animation, Narration, Edit, Score

Judicial Council of California Courthouse Security • FX