iPad Projects

Here are a few projects I've done for fun, mostly while on the train or at a cafe, using only my iPad. I love playing with new technology, and pushing it to see how far I can get it to go. (Not that the iPad is particularly new, but as a production tool? Still pretty new.)

Bimble is a character I'm developing for a children's illustrated book. This design is not close to the final, but since I had the assets, I thought I'd create a short animation. The music is mostly from an amazing app called Session Band, and the animation was done in an app called "Stick Motion." (There's a new app by the same developer called "Animation Pro" which builds on the fantastic foundation of Stick Motion, but adds so much more power!  I'll be using Animation Pro for this kind of thing from now on.) Edited using Pinnacle Studio, where I also added the sound effects.

I wanted to see how far I could push the iPad in making visual effects. I used an app called Sprite Dancer which reminds me of very early versions of AfterEffects. Most of the elements which I combined to make these images were painted in ProCreate, a phenomenal painting app (which when used with the Apple Pencil really feels like natural media). Some of the elements are photographed with the iPad's camera (see if you can spot the video of miso soup I shot at a local restaurant). I did the music in GarageBand, Audio Bus, Animoog, Sunrizer, and a ton of other wonderful audio production apps. I edited the clip in Pinnacle Studio, where I also added the sound effects.

More iPad character test animations in Stick Motion. Characters created in Autodesk Graphic, backgrounds painted in ProCreate. Music made in GarageBand.